Add a Plugin


eleventy-plugin-twitch-chat is an Eleventy plugin that lets you insert live, real-time, heavily styleable Twitch chats into your Eleventy sites.

To use eleventy-plugin-twitch-chat, navigate to your Eleventy project in your terminal and install the dependency:

npm install eleventy-plugin-twitch-chat

Then, in your .eleventy.js file, import the plugin and add to your Eleventy configuration.

const twitchChat = require('eleventy-plugin-twitch-chat');

module.exports = function(eleventyConfig) {

Finally, add a chat to your page! Go to a template or layout file, and use the twitchChat shortcode, passing it a string with the channel name(s) you want to watch. For instance, to inject a chat for the SomeAnticsDev Twitch channel, you would add:

{% twitchChat 'SomeAnticsDev' %}